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  1. agreed, one of the best scenes in the show so far. Im halfway through book 4 now and cant wait for the next (book and episode)
  2. Dcor8


    That Rek fill is fresh
  3. Dcor8

    Made U Look

    Utah n Ether doing it big in Asia... And bringing beef to who wants it.. Gotta love real graff
  4. Dcor8

    Burners and Style!

    Please ensure all pics posted in thread fall under the terms "Burner" and/or "Style" to meet and exceed the expectations of thread viewers.. A response of "yuck" is a sure sign that the above rule was not followed
  5. Dcor8

    Mass Blackbook

    Cinco that shits fuego.. Dig ya style man.. That white highlight in the fill came out nice.. Brought it together with a nice character too mayne, good shit
  6. Dcor8

    GAME: True or False

    True, it is too hot to function TPBM is craving Chiptole
  7. Dcor8

    GAME: True or False

    True,man up Tpbm is a substance abuser
  8. Dcor8

    Toys post here...

    ^^Agreed, I was wondering the same.. not bad structure and composition but I cant make out what it says by any means
  9. Dcor8

    GAME: True or False

    False, no driving, True, it is extremely hot and muggy TPBM is swimmin in women with they own condominiums
  10. Dcor8

    Burners and Style!

    Wow.. that Dare/Ces baby piece is a jokee.... wheres that at?
  11. Dcor8

    Burners and Style!

  12. Dcor8

    Burners and Style!

    Illusions a joke..