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Dali Vaya

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  1. why would you post this in the blackbook thread? you complain about spamming, didn't you just spam by re-posting those scribes in the blabkbook thread? funny how to talked shit about ADYOR on ever post except this one http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8527716#post8527716
  2. ADYOR YSL V7 ARC CTS LE ATP darkadyor.com
  3. Dali Vaya


    ADYOR YSL V7 ATP LE CTS ARC darkadyor.com
  4. ADYOR V7 YSL ARC LE ATP oils on canvas. darkadyor.com
  5. Dali Vaya

    Character Post

    VIRGIN by ADYOR YSL V7 ARC darkadyor.com
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