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  1. Not necessarily. I have a grander vision for what I want to do with the whole custom pinball thing, which I've written about and posted here: http://www.tiltwarning.com/Mission.html If Evil Mansion sells, great, we'll chop up the cash and I'll put my cut towards that ultimate goal. If Evil Mansion doesn't sell, it'll just be part of the installation we're working towards. Either way is cool with us.
  2. Thanks for checking out our stuff. It's more work than you could ever imagine. Sovie and I put in over 600 hours combined. Meticulous.
  3. Soviet NSF painted a custom pinball machine, I built it. Bunch more pics at http://TiltWarning.com
  4. any truth to the rumor SOVIET NSF painted a pinball machine? CONFIRM? DENY?
  5. post NSF pics from over the weekend pls
  6. Addams Family, they made 20,000 of that game. Production numbers that trump those of any other machine ever built. Not much a wonder why it's so many people's fav.
  7. have you tried searching the Internet Pinball Database? http://www.ipdb.org - they have an entry with pics for essentially every pinball machine ever made. use the "advanced search" option if you wanna look games up by anything other than title, like manufacturer or year produced.
  8. this fuckin city blows my mind...
  9. 1979 Bally Paragon backglass inspiration for this chimera by REMIX
  10. The project is on some "play this, paint that" type shit. Basically doing art conversions on classic pinball machines. I'm the tech behind the scenes, always looking for more artists to collaborate with. So far we've finished 2 games, currently have 3 in various states of progress. http://www.TiltWarning.com for more info.
  11. art off the backbox of a 1992 Data East "Hook" imagine this coming out of the fog at you!!!
  12. http://skateandannoy.com/2007/09/real-skateboarding-pinball-skateball/
  13. On Medieval Madness, ever notice the helmet the hawk on the backglass is wearing? BADASS.
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