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  1. Obviously graffiti is illegal but there is a big difference between painting under a bridge or side of building then someones car or truck. u gotta be a real piece of shit to paint the side of truck someone probably uses to make a living every day. If i caught you doing that I'de smack the shit outa you.
  2. So I'm gunna apologize for prolly talking a little too much shit right out of the gate. Let me clear a few things up. I mentioned having a wrap sheet none of which is related to graf simply cause i was being accused of being a cop. I'm far from it. To say I " suck at street life" for being caught twice in all the years i was out there is pretty damn good. Not to mention the weekend me and my main writing partner hit a clean train was withing days of the start of the iraq war and security at places like metro yards/ airports/ anywhere that would make a good terrorist target was as tight as it possibly could be. We didn't just do quik throw ups either and we then took 2 or three pics of each. We managed this without any problem so I dont think many of you have room to speak as far as getting busted goes until you've done things on a level such as that. Also I feel as though my main question is constantly being dodged. Is anyone down to do a clean train nowdays? Everytime I bring up actually going out an painting every1 seems to want to act like i didnt even ask the ?
  3. I like how this is the excuse you guys use when you're afraid of being called out for a battle or you know you wrong and this is last ditch effort to discredit me. It's another example of how retarded all u are too. The police? 90% of you including myself dont even live in dc city limits. local police have no jurusdiction outside their local city/county. Also I assure u the fbi isnt after u for your graffiti.
  4. as for kgb what a joke. Their leader ultra is literaly pushing 50 years old!!!! Its one thing to be 30 and still writing ( at 30 if u still into graf you def a fuckin loser) but 50 jesus christ. You should be buying a corvette having a mid life crisis, not posting the DC GRAF AWARDS on 12oz. Even 10 years ago ultra was great for a laugh. Here was this late 30's pudgy moron trying to make a living selling fat caps and graf mags from the corner of a downtown record store. LoL it was so great 35+ ultra dressed like a whigger getting bitched at by the manager half his age to sweep the floor. What an ingenius business idea. rent out corner of record store check, stock of 5 cans montana paint and various fat caps check, and a few graf dvd's and mags. I can't believe he's not a millionaire.
  5. Honestly I may have come off a bit strong at first and felt a little bad. Now tho I"ve realized the ones of you who are talking shit really are pussies. i've called multiple of u out and you just dodge the question. If i'm such a liar and the things I claim arent true then come prove it. Why not? scared?
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude I've never seen ur shit and it's ok i guess for a bomb? I can't believe you have been running ur mouth to me. You honestly don't want beef with me. I'll make a fool out of u.
  7. What do you write? not that it matters. Your a peasant. I could be wrong bout this but I dunno of any1 in DC hittin a clean after me in 03 other then dude that was with me and did his at the same time. You seem to be jealous. You know if you had approached me in a dif way I would have been willing to show you or any1 else intrested how to get one done. Where to get into the yard, what time of night and ther is one night a year in which circumstances make it a bit easier to get away with. You talk shit online but I'm callin you out to either battle or since i'm a nice guy i'll even make u this offer. U and I can meet up forget this little argument and go do a clean together.
  8. aiight bro. you such hot shit and wanna talk shit and runnin your mouth. first off the pic is at the parents house of my old writing buddy ( his work is on the clean too). but just so when i do post it theres no arguing it was taken the saturday night b4 easter sunday of 2003 at the rhode island layup. For time being tho u seem to wanna talk shit so how bout you battle me this weekend and we'll put flicks on here and every1 can judge. Loser pays the other $1000 bucks?
  9. When did I say anything bout any1 else? I do have pics of the clean I did but I'll have to search around for them as they're actual pictures taken with a disposable not a digi. I have other pics as well but not sure exactly what of. I'll have to check and see ifI got a scanner that works too.
  10. No i'm not spok. I did paint with him a few times though back in the day. He got up decent directly inside dc but he never hit a clean train and was lacking on the lines. other then the redline which he had crushed. Yea I understand it isn't 03 and i thought it was bad back then. I can't believe the crap that is spewed nowadays tho. I've been all around dc during the last decade and see whats going on( or the lack there of) in the graff sceen. The only person I've heard mentioned on here and actually noticed out on the streets is this Sime cat.
  11. I duno how stupid some of you are but accusing me of being a cop? My wrap sheet is prolly 5 times as long as the next guy. As far as for graf tho I've been caught in the act twice in dc and niether time was i arrrested. The last time I was stopped was while bombing with Ahoy in early 03. The cops ruffed us up a little bit, then made us stick our hands in the snow for 15 fuckin minutes and then to top it off painted our hands and made us slap ourselves in the face. BTW Ahoy is curently locked up on a murder charge he picked up in 2005. Back to the point of this post now is that I'm not looking for beef unessicarily but if you guys want to start some I'm not going to back down. My original post simply stated that I was back and was goiing to destroy any1 who capped my pieces with their toy crap while i was off set for several years. Other then that I basicly offered some advice to the newer writers on here. Really the advice should be heeded by most all dc writers as their currently is no one even close to being all city. Even writers that have the redline destroyed don't have but maybe 1 or 2 spots on the blue line. I'll be back in axtion shortly tho and show everyone how it's done. Peace
  12. Other then that I basicly was just giving advice to some of the newer writers.
  13. hahahahhaha you guys are clowns. My wrap sheet is prolly 5 times longer then any of yours. You act like writing graf is on the same level as killing someone. I was caught multiple times. The worst thing that happened was when me and Ahoy where caught together. The cops just ruffed us up for a few minutes, made us stick our hands in the snow for 15 mins then painted our hands and made us slap ourselves in the face. BTW ahoy is now in prison on a murder charge he got in 05. So if you honestly think I'm a cop I guessI don't blame you for being cautious but you couldnt more off. Don't believe me feel free to ask whatever ?'s you want. You guys may be one of the ones who capped my work anyways. Your graf will soon be a thing of the past once i get to work destroying the 4 or 5 spots you have.
  14. Another thing a lot of you newer guys got to learn is it aint bout only hittin spots inside dc. Nothin wrong at all with hittin spots in the burbs and along the highways. A good size strait letter on the side of 95 gets seen more in a day then any street fill in dc does in a month. Two reasons for this . If you do a 12-15 foot long strait letter on a sound wall beside the highway thats not already covered with graf it sticks out like a sore thumb and people will read it whether they tryin to or not. Second reason is that as most of you know when bombing inside dc you gotta work real fast. the end result is a bomb that ( while may look good and be legable to you and other graf writers) realisticly the average person passing by can't even read it and if you can't read it whats the point. You might as well write a different name every time. back in the early 2000s I destroyed all lines, was king of the streets in dc, hit a clean train in early 03, a number of spots on all the major highways in and out of dc, and a little over 100 frieghts.
  15. Been runnin through the past 50 or so pages of this thread checkin pics and tryin to get an idea of whats been goin on. I been outa the sceen since 2003 at which time I was up as much as any1 in DC. However I notice a lot of my old spots have been gone over by u newbies. I'm bein fair and puttin it out there that anyone who has crossed ( gone over) any of my work I'll be reclaiming all my spots. Any other work I see around done by some1 who has crossed my work I'll be capping all their work along with any member of their crue. Don't get me wrong either I'm not an asshole and as long as you respected my work and didn't cap it you got nothin to worry bout. I see people on here nowdays givin respect to peeps like this clown CHE LMAO. Suckas like that wouldn't have made it 10 years ago with weak ass bombs and spot jocking. Seems he's ultras little exit hole buddy tho so what can u expect. Ultra was so shook by me and my crew he strait stopped writing for years. It's a fuckin laugh to see people givin that old fuck any kinda respect nowadays. He wasn't shit then still aint now and wont be even when he gets outs jail. Anyways looking forward to gettin back on the sceen and strait burnin shit up
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