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  1. Hello all fellow writers and street-artists! Lets first introduce us. We are here for a cause. Anonymous is not a hacker-movement but a peoples movement where some of us are hackers as most have noticed by now. We are not only hacktivists but also activists. We are everyone and no-one yet we are LEGION! We are writers, some have already put up burners, throw-ups and street art and stickers. ANONYMOUS HAS NO LEADERS. Anonymous fights for freedom of speech, freedom for everybody to think, say and do what they want as long as they don`t hurt anybody and mostly we are going to bring down the corrupt. United as one we are strong and they wont have a chance. Everyone who believes in freedom can be anonymous, we are not an organization and there`s nothing you have to do to become anonymous.. by now you are already Anonymous.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now the time has come for writers to join together. There will be several graffiti and street-art OP`s and everyone can be a part of this. It doesnt matter if you are a toy or the world most skilled writer, we are embracing everyone to help in this struggle humanity faces against the corrupt system we live in. Anonymous_SH will present new OP`s related to all arts on our profile here at 12ozprophet as well as on our blog-site on wordpress where we will upload photos of our art and videos on OP`s and you can also follow us on our twitter. All this info can be found on our profile presentation. Befriend us to be sure to get news on OP`s beforehand. WELCOME! We will make big things happen in 2012! You can send anonymous-related art to our e-mail account.. PLEASE BE AWARE TO SEND IT ANONYMOUS..ANONYMOUS NEVER ASK ANOTHER ANONYMOUS ABOUT THEIR IDENTITY. Use tor-proxy or anonproxys and if you really want to stay safe use a VPN provider. There are lots of information on teh internetz. WE ARE ANONYMOUS WE ARE LEGION UNITED AS ONE - DIVIDED BY ZERO WE DO NOT FORGIVE WE DO NOT FORGET EXPECT US!
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