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  1. is ur girl petite? i had an X that would bleed after sex back in the day, but she was really small for her age and hard to penetrate. i would basically irritate her flacon while trying to enter it (which was usually about a 10 minute process) it was quite fun though
  2. i have a good idea where this thread is probably headed...
  3. nigga Riff Raff flashing his investments
  4. damn yalls be jockin cope2 like nobodies business
  5. no way. low carb/high protein is the only way to go for that
  6. dating sites leads to homo dungeons
  7. soooo, is that your excuse? you're really gonna stick with that one, heh?
  8. boogie cans


    are they cutting dudes finger off with fiskars? gnar
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