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  1. for those of you who have netflix go check out the movie slacker. goodshit filmed in austin in 1991
  2. yeeeee, hawaii got some heat for yall, gunna blow this thread up with goodies. already
  3. way to let it go a whole month with no post your faggots.
  4. holy fuck i know this is really old but is this on 6th?
  5. rip terms, all the true heros die young!
  6. ceno geting some shine in this, and some others too
  7. though you get a kick out of that. just got my harddrive back so lots of flicks soon. post more shit!
  8. hahahahah the begening and the end lolol:):):):)
  9. aye leon watch this, LBOR lol hhaha
  10. Hello friends, need to make some trainhopping squatter friends(obviously the Internet is not the place but I'm stranded and desperate). I need to hop out of Austin soon, literately anywhere. Preferably denver, I can rack food like you wouldn't beleive and I'm pretty self sufficient. So if you or anyone you know if down for sick adventure, drugs, graff, and traveling in dirty steel let me know. Love baker :) <3
  11. Love you growseph <3 Seems like all the general no sense making of Austin graff hasn't skipped a beat. Layin low and raising funds currently, not sure what city I should hit next, got any available couches anyone?
  12. Hit us up in a pm if your down to paint.
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