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  1. Anyone from MSK/AWR/7thLetter, Fly ID, 1UP, or Tats Cru. Revok would be my number one wish; The dude's dope.
  2. I Was Here 510 Pelissier St. Windsor, ON, Canada 519.551.3825
  3. Saw a couple little tags on parks and whatnot, but didn't grasp it until I saw this kid KNOWN getting up with solid scribs. He's stopped writing now mostly, but a couple of the older cats I've painted with know him; I've gotta meet him and give him a big thank you to getting me into graff.
  4. If I had kids one day and there was some possibility that they would get taken from me or me from them, that'd be a reason to stop writing. Otherwise? Nothing but losing my arms, man.
  5. Back when I was a little kid we used to write on the park in sharpies and shit, ya know? Typical little kid stuff. We started seeing tags and I didn't really know what they were. Then I'd see the same scrib in a few places (It was "KNOWN" I believe) and I started to grasp that it was a signiature. From there over the next 2 years or so I saw it and did little shit but never actually did "graffiti" as it could be considered. Eventually this kid moved into the hood and he mentioned he was a "tagger". We started gathering paint and markers and shit, and it's just been an upward road from there. (Kid who came along is now in some crew with no respect for anyone else in the city, talks mad shit behind backs and keeps a friendly smile up front). Just been going with it ever since, met a few people along the way and then met more, etc.
  6. I'm lower-middle class. No hot water right now, but we've got electricity, internet, food on the table, and plenty of things to be grateful for. I don't really care for rich people. Not to say I dislike all of them; I have plenty of friends who are well off. My best friend is pretty damn well set. I just don't like "rich people" as a concept or whole. But when you go out and do graff, you're the same slime as everyone else. If some kid from the suburbs is willing to get his hands dirty, risk his shit like everyone else? Same props to him as the poor kids get, man. As long as there's no ego associated to being well-off, I don't really see the big issue. Now say the kid's talking shit cuz he's got all this dope paint his parents bought for him, then yeah, I can see the issue there. Otherwise, live and let live, make some dope shit.
  7. I like to go out by myself and catch some tags and slaps while out for a walk; Gives some good time to just think about shit. But as for dropping pieces and actual bombing? I like going with other people. Safety is one concern, but mostly I'm just a major extrovert/socialite. I like to be able to take a break from painting, check out whatever my mates are working on, get some tips and have some conversation. And for bombing it's good to be able to have an extra set of eyes out.
  8. Had a couple sore backs the following day, a couple scraped elbows, knees, and palms. Nothing big.
  9. Lost my iPod (Nano, 8gigs) while getting chased a while back. It was a hand me down, but sucked majorly.
  10. Heads up on across the border in Canada: We just got a shop here in Windsor, too. Sells Montana (Hardcore, 94), ironlak, and a shitton variety of markers and inks. Caps as well. 510 Pelissier, Windsor, ON, Canada. 1 519-551-3825 It's in the basement of street artist DENIAL's gallery. Pretty dope setup.
  11. Bombing: >Shitty paint and sometimes decent leftovers from piecing. >A marker and a mop >A fat stack of stickers >A glove (If I remember) Painting: >Paint. (Usually 2fill, 13c, 1outline). >Bucket paint if accessible (The city dump is a god of opportunity) >Blackbook >iPod >2L of something to drink and some chips or something >Camera (Well, until it broke last month).
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