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  1. uh muh naw mu fa reel na sae innn muhn hell yuuuh shit i luuu yuu i meen daa are i p one da to wid da el
  2. fuck graffiti you either end up in two places, jail or rehad.
  3. i have a song request http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3toR9a09Cw
  4. your obviously a music critic and judge a book by the cover.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgkiBHhmUV8&feature=relmfu
  6. i mean i perfer rusto. valsar lost it sorta.
  7. I'm not legit. I still use rusto and Not paint designed by writers for writers.
  8. you cant bump your self. thats against 12oz rules. but that high way stuff is off the hook.
  9. tricks are for kids. naw im just fuckin with you ugene, videos tight. -big bad bowl troll bad as in bad not good
  10. whats your #. you see me in transworld?
  11. their gonna hate me for this one but we experimented and wore tight shirts, skinny jeans and high top converses and a hat with the bill turned up to see if we would get good. we didnt.
  12. dicks and naked chicks. what we all want
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