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  1. If any asheville cats would be down with taking a newbie out to a spot or two in the new future hit me up in a pm. I think most of you know who I am...
  2. I sparked this little flurry of annoyance and I give less of a shit than you guys. Desc calm down you're embarrassing yourself.
  3. hey desc. suck my dick on a side note krylon farm implement actually isn't half bad for pink dot flares if you never gave it a chance like myself
  4. damngurl ara is doing it right. nek zytar and yokai look good. my crits suck so I just compliment. ignoring the fact that this is a two inch wide outline on my calculus homework, anyone want to give some pointers on the structure? I feel like loosening up this style has made it come a long way but I want further tweakage before I waste cans on it. Looking at it I think I would bring the top of the p out more and do something with the center of the e. maybe fuck with where the bottom leg and bottom of the loop on the r meet too. Anyone have something they could think of?
  5. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the experience and the paint. But I have no source of income and I like to make sure I have money to get more paint, feel me? But uh that made me feel like a greedy little bitch. Good shit. Mine...not so much. Then again for what he asked for I didn't feel like it called for crazy lettering...or at least my attempt at it. I am curious about getting a start in gigs like this and whether or not I should even be attempting them at this point. Hit me up in a pm if you wouldn't mind explaining your own history with it. a measly attempt to even out my chatter...
  6. ishmael gus roda and dem fowly characters. god damn.
  7. Then word. I got forty bucks, supplies paid for, and like fifty bucks worth of mtn. Switched up the paint and used mostly rusto high heat and american accents except for the details hahaha. So I guess I won out there. From our perspectives it isn't too great but other people seem to appreciate it. The dude pocket dialed me talking about it and described it as "fucking legit" to a coworker so I guess that's a job well done.
  8. So dudes, I've been asking around and I still can't figure it out. What should I charge someone for painting an ad like this at a shitty free wall at a big ass university? Some say sixty, other people who paint ads say a hundred but I got a total turn down for saying seventy five. It seems like it could turn into a regular thing so I need to work out something concrete. As if I should even worry about concealing this location at this point...don't bag on the black square. It looks shitty to you dudes I'm sure but in comparison to the junk that people put up here it's a god damn picasso.
  9. graffiti actually dominating this wall for once. baze you should write your full name more than those two letter throws. I've seen so little of that that I don't even know if I'm calling you by the right name. Plus the more variety in the forms you paint the better you will execute motions.
  10. That billboard has been up for a ridiculously long time. Around a year? Guess whoever owns it realizes it won't be bought anytime soon...
  11. I got plenty of money. I was racking and painting illegally. The down/upside to money is it helps give you perspective. I'm in school and I'm not taking chances til I settle in. If your parents have money or not, chances are they don't want to spend five hundred or more dollars on rusto every month, especially after a few charges, so you steal it(tell me to get a job with eighteen credit hours, I dare you). Graffiti is graffiti, if you take it seriously you do what you gotta do, but you do it smart in order to keep doing it with minimal money spent on court, and minimal sacrifices made. I don't act like a ghetto kid or a rich kid, I just try to blend in. I've met people on both sides of that spectrum and they all piss me off. Make sacrifices on whatever ends you have to and don't judge people, do your shit and worry about that only. and fuck rich kids that go around acting like they are above the law and hide behind their parents without remorse when shit hits the fan. I feel bad for my folks, but it doesn't stop me from finding the right balance.
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