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  1. I already bought my shit or else I wouldn't be tellin y'all about this. Free Montana XXL can + L Marker with Proletariat t-shirt purchase. Plus, this video blog is usually pretty entertaining. Last week you got a 200ml bottle of Montana ink and a mini-mop. not fucking bad
  2. Re: SXSW - AUSTIN!!! TTHU just dropped an interview about a new graffiti movie...looks pretty dope, kind of like the movie KIDS without all the depressing AIDS shit. http://thatsthehookup.com/headlines/sxsw-2012-must-see-film-gimmie-the-loot-exclusive-interview-with-adam-leon/
  3. Check these a FEW times a day... http://www.thatsthehookup.com http://tittaycitay.com/ http://www.53deluxe.com/
  4. Look man, for the most part I agree with you...American cars do not have the same fit and finish as let's say even a volkswagon, however, you have to define which European cars we are talking about. No one would ever put a Ford Mustang in the same class as a Mercedes Benz...not even a C-class, they just aren't made for the same uses. What I will say is this...the Chevrolet Corvette (a car I really don't like because only middle aged balding gym rats drive them) is a bad-ass piece of machinery for the price. Sure the interior is plastic and ugly, but it will woop most cars asses on the road and
  5. I was down there last year but you get to a point in life where free beer isn't enough to make you stand in a crowd listening to the same shitty indie music. Plus, all these fucks go to sixth street which is a place locals RARELY go. It's like going to Landsdowne in Boston or Deep Ellum in Dallas or Beale Street in Memphis. If you go to SXSW this year try tomake it over to East 6th or South Congress Ave. You will be happy you did.
  6. First of all I am sorry that most of the American cars you get in London are pieces of shit...like Ford Escorts and all that crap. But, the reason why American cars are more expensive than whatever European manufacturer you speak of is because of wages and tariff's. European countries tax outsiders heavily so European cars sell better in Europe and support jobs. In America European cars are way more expensive which is why people buy American...except for Asian brands, and Asian brands are the cheapest because they pay their employees in rice and noodles. I agree that German cars are probably t
  7. Bro, I couldn't make up your questions if I tried - they are hilarious! haha probably because everyone has those thoughts at some point but seeing them in print is funny as hell. Anyways, to the questions!!! How do people come up with different styles and stuff like that? how do they know where to put the loops, arrows, connecting letters, and other stuff? --it's art man. everyone has their own style. sometimes you borrow from others and tweak it to make it different..other times you just have a vision. and vision comes with practice and studying. Do people get high before they do
  8. Maybe it's an internet phone number...I know you can get cheap online 800 numbers..
  9. Ron Paul seems like a stand up guy. I found this site that listed off each candidate's cars and personally I think you can learn a lot by what someone drives. Douchebags usually drive douchey cars. Case in point, Newt and Rick. Personally, I think the President of the United States should be driving American made whips, eating American Made Beef and fucking his interns with an american made cigar.
  10. My brother bought a Toyota there a few years back. I think it was priced a bit high but he never had any problems with it. Then again it's a Toyota. I sold my truck there when I needed quick cash and it was pretty hassle free. It's taken me longer to buy a pair of jeans than selling my truck.
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