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  1. Just cause DPD don't want to do a bunch of paperwork and go to court doesn't mean they don't have other ways dealing with shit. Taggers might get beat up, painted on and/or robbed. At least that's what Cory and Trevor told me. I wouldn't have any way of knowing this myself...
  2. Well, I hope they catch whoever is putting up those W stencils around Wayne State. That's some senseless vandalism right there.
  3. Go Jue. Bout fucking time somebody puts these fucking tourists in line.
  4. It is supposed to be so anti that people don't even flick it? Cause if not let's see some.:confused: :scrambled:
  5. I guess things are pretty slow in Duluth.
  6. So, uh, what's up with all these writers wearing big, wool, upper body covering bathing suits like they used to wear in the early 1900's??? #jokes #neitherherenorthere #wishicouldpostflicks!
  7. Bump Shut Em Down taking that 75 spot back from those toys!
  8. That Hamtramck wall could use a warning about the speedtraps.
  9. Poppin' fresh up, wack peace signs down.
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