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  1. Chill walls are just as bad as going over someone in the streets. Especially because that spot is painted pretty consistently. Somebody is always entitled to taking their spot back. They've been painting there for years, you haven't. But on another note, no burzum has been uploaded here so apparently he's not getting around too much. And yes there is a brzm in detroit pronounced the same way as burzum. I need to get my ass back to detroit soon.
  2. Damn... chaos is killing the scene harder than anybody. He done took over this city.
  3. Louisville is getting their shit together. Bump the guys putting in work. And fuck these toys with their tags making this city look stupid.
  4. Bump the flicks. Nice to see some consistency. Haven't been on here in a while. I see rise is doing his thing. Nice to see spice still doing his thing. Bump frank, kamel, wasp, neid is smashing. Keep it up guys. RIP UNKLE!!!
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