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The Awful Truth

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  1. you havent checked a single person in your life. i seem to remeber you geting your teeth kocked out a couple years ago for running your mouth and begging every person you know to help you beat up the kid from your own crew that fucked you bitch. btw im not in the crew that took you toys out so dont bother sending me pms about that shit
  2. Cities Illest Toys. Norad Paiting Recyled Deso outlines from 5 years ago. same one cast had to paint cuz his toy ass cant rock anything half way decent... smh you kids are pathetic
  3. The Awful Truth


    this thread does suck
  4. i have found these always fail... congrats if yours makes it but it seems like everytime someone does this it ends up sitting on someones table while they smoke blunts for two weeks then do a couple throwis before it gets passed on.
  5. the good old days of hard copies....
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