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  1. Is NOES still black? Happy bday fucker..
  2. Dear New Job, Perfect timing. Now let's make it permanent. Sincerely, IOUisneedingthistowork
  3. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Hell if I know.. The website isn't in English either..
  4. Short Fuse, food looks damn good and if that's all your working with.. DAMN!
  5. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    So this German magazine(I think its German) decided to use that flick I took some time last year. Kind of cool.
  6. I ain't ready to dump Kemp at all, but all these injuries are making me wonder... If he does stay healthy, we are gonna be hard to beat.. Even more so than now.
  7. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    It is my fault Protester. Ask any of my exes...
  8. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Its like any place with people, some suck others don't.
  9. Can't believe Kemp is the biggest disappointment this year. Hope dude steps up and stays healthy... Can't even imagine how dominating we would be with him healthy and productive... Too bad I don't see that happening..
  10. Dickies is a disappoint these days.
  11. Damn! Its been way too long since I've had sushi...
  12. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Minor update.. Want. Don't want. Always dig catching SEK's work.
  13. Quoted for truth. Some of the most well known writers owe their fame to meth. There was a writer(well known) out here that got deep into a bad habit. Dude was about graffiti 24-7, then the meth, next thing you know dude is straight planning crazy robberies to pay for that habit.. He would case out places where his friends worked.. Some shady shit.
  14. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Five Star Bar at 8am.. Sorting out the system before I started playing.
  15. IP, I got a similar family history unfortunately.
  16. Sorry to hear BNH.. I've definitely seen what meth can do and how much destruction it can cause and in such a short amount of time. The underground scene that I DJ in has really suffered from meth. Seen a lot of people falling over the last few years. One person died when they all decided at whatever time of morning they needed to get more meth and other assorted drugs. Too bad none of them were capable of driving anywhere and paid a high price. And these are people in their 30s/40s as well as twenties that took to stay up longer or whatever and now they only go where they its gonna be at... I just DJed an after after hours spot and could see people tweeking. They would be dancing then go back to a spot and chill.. On that looped out shit. Was kind of depressing at times.
  17. Dear Last Night, Fuck you. I could have been sleeping.. Some times you gotta just fold'em... IOU Dear 7am DJ Gig, Yeah... IOU
  18. Snap was nice and moist, but next time I'm making the sauce from scratch... The soup was a two separate recipes combined. I braised the pork for about an hour or so and reduced the liquid down to a cup or so... The brother for the noodles was its own thing as well... But combined.. All win...
  19. IOU_TOO


    A good friend of mine is kicking alcohol at the moment. Says he doesn't even miss it cuz it was just getting too hard on him. Hurt more than it 'healed' at this point in life. And he's also gonna have a kid, so just more incentive. He's also kicking weed, but plans to go back to it once he levels out. I'm mad proud of him and all the sober friends in my life.. I can see that at some point I'll need to join them... Respect for all you seeking a better life.
  20. Dear 77, Haha.. Eye.. Dear Party, Please do not suck and make me regret what was a nice night in. DJing the late late set.. DJingwaylatetwicethisweekend. Dear IOU, Note to self: Living hard ain't easy.. Love, Your Other Self..
  21. Hammock life.. It chooses you, you do not choose it.
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