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  1. Just stop. Torso NK by Nerdy4Life, on Flickr Mbarks by Nerdy4Life, on Flickr LMB by Nerdy4Life, on Flickr
  2. Nymz 2011 by Nerdy4Life, on Flickr Ache doing it nicely! by Nerdy4Life, on Flickr LMB by Nerdy4Life, on Flickr
  3. Lucid Hulok hit on 94 a little north of downtown, couldn't cop a flick so someone should before its buffed!
  4. Couple old, couple new. Most of the pics I have of more known guys have been posted.
  5. Good shit from Purge. These might be old, sorry if they are.
  6. Speaking of Hulok from earlier...
  7. How is Slek gonna go from a shit roller to a clean whole car? lol
  8. true ^ slop and toe are getting some nice ups though. Some older flicks i never put up. Night photos on a phone for some of them. this ones stolen vvvv
  9. Bump this! Too fresh with it. got a little phonky with this one :D
  10. Sorry for the shitty cell phone flicks but i didn't have my camera on me.
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