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  1. some stolen some mine bump that mr rasmo, that nosey flat, use and page looking good, bump iesef catching tags, and bump betor the free man oh and fuck saeph
  2. rakn x panda x ilson Kansas City WIL Kansas City rakn Memphis 42 x UH Memphis KOG x IA Memphis
  3. ....................................
  4. dont talk about it be about it, lemmee seeee lemme seeee
  5. Yeah rear facing billboards aren't proper at all considering they will ride for years compared to the front side that gets changed once a month. Poorly filled throw ups? Im not sure who you are talking to about that. Sure the majority of graffiti in the rest of TN may be in buildings and under over passes but not in Memphis. There is far more work by each writer in the streets than there is under overpasses and in buildings. Contribute something besides your silly opinion and post some street flicks.
  6. All I said was that piece would look better in the street. it wasn't meant to disrespect anybody and it was aimed toward the dumbass that called it proper graff when in reality it's "taking a piss waiting till it gets dark kind of graff" so don't react so personally.
  7. and that "proper graff" would be a lot more proper in the streets and not under a bridge. not disrespect to either of them
  8. That's the only way they last in this city dumb-y
  9. Props to The Memphis Native on flickr
  10. http://www.magcloud.com/webviewer/604432
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