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  1. Bump them DFW heads no Dout. Fuck these toys blowing fohr to rep it! Shits weak jue. Can't wait to see u or any of them fucks u roll with!
  2. Ah hahahahahahaha this fuck 40 year old toy! Hahaha sit down and shut the fuck up! Dudes a joke. Jue dsd.. come here so I can knock u the fuck out! Talks cheap Amo* D.F.W ya' dig
  3. Yo Fud.. Haha Dsd/jue is super jealous of u big dawg. He misses times we let him follow us around And feed his broke hungry ass. What did he have to do wash dishes for loaf or some shit. Haha then we found out how much of a bitch he really is and kicked his ass to the curb So now what he found his way to fohr. Sucks him off prison style so now fohr let's him rep his Dfw.. I think that's weak bro. Dsd ur a bitch! Can't wait till we cross paths. I'm going to drop that 208 lb Real quick.
  4. Dsd- has another Nigga raising his son! U showed up to fight me? Get the Fuck outta here.. I wish! Ur a scared little bitch . Ur talking about Pluto. Didn't That Nigga str8 quit? Couldn't handle a chase by Melvindae p.d ? Yea real o.g Haha Come on bitch get knocked the FUCK OUT. Come from behind the monitor. Trust Nigga we have the upper hand on u! Dsd. 5 7 .. arms the length of a 12 year old. To fat to do damage. Talks big game on 12oz But cries to his sons provider ( moms boyfriend ) about how he just sucks at graffiti But real wants to b someone. Dsd .. flat out fuckn joke of the D" is a nobody and will never b!
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