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Christopher Walkin

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  1. If only people defending graff knew how to spell better....
  2. Bump that wasp and jigl car. Some 'at super fire!
  3. Waste of graffiti making the news... besides the Frank.
  4. Sugar Tongue Slim handy? Seent it ridin the other day
  5. Damn yo! Wasp and jitsu be beefin... haha
  6. Bump that huge dark flick, purple and blue mines, and that super fresh sever mines smash knows semi trailer.
  7. That green gram and black zeal are fire...
  8. That green jigl's fire... Bump that frank too
  9. oh yeah, bump this shit too. haha
  10. Bump the fuck outta that wall. that levis too
  11. Sorry for the sketch. Its a homie and i thought it was pretty sick. Even though all these flicks are old.
  12. ASP Heist Jigl Aboe Sodomizing Young Woman Low Down's Frank Berzum Bump these niggas!
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