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  1. Montreal hip hop! Talented and unknown!
  2. check out this video.. it's Montreal underground music, and the video was done with one of those sick cameras you attach to shit and it films in wide screen and amazing definition.. I'm not a cam buff and I don't know the name of it, but this track is dope, and visually it's awesome to look at.. he also gets paint in his face 2 minutes in around... check it out if you're interested
  3. Montreal shit! it's dope for peeps who enjoy hip hop...take a look, it's part of our underground local scene..
  4. an entertaining video for whoever's interested.. this guy gets paint in the face around 2 minutes in, and the track is dope too..
  5. some of Montreal's finest! Not trying to spam, but it's dope! Check it out if you're interested.. the guy also gets paint in his face around 2 minutes in..
  6. Rap video from Montreal!! Guy gets paint in his face around 2 minutes in.. lol the track is dope too..
  7. sick graffiti track? Some of Montreal's local underground hip hop! Plus it features paint, in the artist's face.. His name's Slik Jack. Check it out if it interests you!
  8. Urban thermo Dynamics (with Mos def, CES and Medina Green), Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, MF Doom, Mr. Voodoo, Mc Lyte, Demigodz, ... and some of Montreal's local shit (my home city!). We got some dope underground hip hop by a few new artists that are trying to avoid the commercial scene, if you wannna check some out, here's a link to a new artist , one of my favorites Slik Jack. I'm trying to support my city's talent! Take a look!
  9. Re: You looking at threads? . . . . . . . Fuck lookin at threads, *Swag *Swag *Swag Montreal swag! (It's a local rapper - named Slik Jack-'s new video) not trying to spam, so I'm telling you in advance! BUT it's gully, and dope! plus mad paint in the face at 2:07...
  10. URBAN THERMO DYNAMICS! Early 90s, Mos def, CES (super dope chick!), and Medina Green..it's FUCKING FAT. Also, because I owe it to my local hip hop... if anyone is interested, here's local Montreal rap by an artist named Slik Jack: I hate all new shit, but I do think this is pretty dope.. and seriously, if you don't know UTD- check it out!!!!! (along with da youngstas, ill bizkits, Mr. Voodoo (the track hemlock IS SICK), etc etc..
  11. Underground rap from Montreal (QC, Canada) .. It's a new video by an artist named Slik Jack, his first album's coming out soon. I think it's really dope, and I support local real shit, the good guys trying to make something happen - when it's nearly impossible to go noticed, especially in Montreal. Check it out!
  12. Slik Jack - Slum Drunk Billionaire ..... sick local Montreal hip hop, check it out, in the least spamming way..
  13. I'm a Montrealer, born and raised. And I support local hip hop thats REAL.. This is a link to a new video by Slik Jack. It's visually stimulating and the track is DOPE, extremely dope. I'm proud of my city when real shit comes out.. check it out and support your local artists in the game, because it's almost impossible for any of the good shit to go noticed.. the link: Thanks to yall that check it out. Missy707
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