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Carl Sagan

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  1. Crime and Punishment in Suburbia
  2. excuse the slight derailment. do you hope to come to some conclusion or is it just for the sake of intellectual analysis? after all, it will only ever be speculation.
  3. how about, humanity is conditioned by the veil of conceptual thought. all of our lives there is an authoritative figure of some kind. inferior and superior, sociological roles. we strive to be more 'whole' because, in our current state, we feel inadequate. therefore we create this supreme being over all, the final plateau. then we have these satori's when that veil is, for a moment, no longer present. that moment gets stored up in memory and we create this monument of it, at that point seperating it from our 'selves'. we desire to acheive that moment again and try to become friends with it, or worship it. we feel passionite about it and our emotions take hold. the christ spirit, the buddah nature is always present, people just take words for substance and create symbols of it.
  4. only thing running in pcola
  5. groundhogs keef hartley (may not belong here, think you might dig it anyway) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkhLHW_WMXA captain beefheart- tarotplane (manute, heres a dirty harmonica pt.1 part 2 is in related. blues magoos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrYS9n62fP8
  6. i tried to wipe a mole off this girls neck once, all she said was "...please stop". the most awkward moment
  7. quit smoking, spend money on vinyls dmt get my own place learn to paint with no graffiti influence license reinstated
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR6F6RHIY-8
  9. thanks man. i agree the A is an eye sore. it wouldnt let me edit my post so i just left it.
  10. ill be going to atsugi next november.. thats all ive got
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