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  1. Bump my niggas dirty pope epsr roek fuerls the whole EOFRMPHKREW and save the elephants.
  2. it was misunderstood bro my bad I read that shit rong. Fuck sos tho UNDKINGS Bumps up to the homies FRM.PH.EO
  3. Posting my own shit is sooo2008 are u a groupie or a ceerleadear for save or style kidz. another bitch in my list funny ass kat. UND 2k12
  4. Wait a second did everybody see that roller holy shit that shit is huge. Doing it big u can see that shit all the way from the freeway. Wait meter sucks anom sucks sos blows and haitin on what on that weak shit that shit is funny keep postin I love it. It makes my day like I said before once a bitch always a bitch. :)
  5. Bump that kid meter not. Ur Not Dope Kid
  6. Naaa Once a bitch Always a bitch Ur Not Dope Kid Fuck a meter Efoes gay too
  7. Bump those toy ass nepser tags and the whole ibgaykids.
  8. Oooshuttyooassupp nigga we still in the lv bitch. So fuck what u think lame UrNotDopeKid
  9. Bump the Homie KEEPS UllNeverDefeatKeep
  11. UND!FRM!PH!EO up in this Bitch We SOME Thunder Kats . Whats gucci
  12. Naw homie UND is still here vegas we still rep From LV to SF UnitedNeverDivided
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