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silent bob

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  1. silent bob


    this is a good inspiration thread
  2. silent bob

    what are you wearing RIGHT NOW?

    shorts and a t-shirt
  3. silent bob

    The Nonsense thread

    my friend is going into the police force....this could get awkward
  4. for all we know that guy was patient zero and we just avoided the zombie apocalypse......for now
  5. silent bob

    Breaking Bad

    i wont be watching breaking bad because i have dish and they randomly removed it without giving a reason
  6. silent bob


    i think the sports games are boring as shit if u like them then cool but dont try and brag about how u won the superbowl
  7. silent bob


    there is a ps3 game (not shure if its released here yet) and its strip rock paper scissors and the anime girl gets naked then u win
  8. silent bob

    I be brewing my own BERRRRRR!!

    i would like to make some myself
  9. silent bob

    last thing you ate?

    microwave chicken wings
  10. silent bob


    free post
  11. silent bob

    Up In The Sky.

    i use my jetpack
  12. silent bob

    writers getting caught on COPS

    thell say anything to make it sound worse then it is
  13. silent bob

    Why and How did you start writing Graff?

    first remove this survey second go out and and write so u dont have to ask real writers about it
  14. silent bob

    The skill set, learned or inborn?

    i hear that man
  15. silent bob

    First thing you noticed

    i cant remeber the first 1 i saw but it feels like its always been a part of my life