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  1. What the fuck do you think better at you moron. YOU went out of your way to continue making thread after thread talking shit about Reup and whoever else. Nobody gives a shit what kind of beef you have with Reup and Myth keep that shit offline and to yourself.

  2. Lot of faggotry on this thread...

    1) Nice job Kink for clipping that Nace. Real class.

    2) I'm not a big fan of Whistleblower writing in or clipping pieces, but worse than that is ragging him when he's hitting up RIP Conrail Twitty. I'll line that frowny-faced bitch more often now.

    3) Anyone calling Myth a toy just shrank themselves down to insect staus. Talk about playing yourself.

    4) If you hate so-and-so, don't write their name, even to say "Fuck so-and-so." It still gives them shine. Never write your enemy's name.

    5) Making threads to diss a particular writer is corny as fuck and I'm thinking of banning the next person who does it. Hmmm...


    Word! Myth and Reup are better then you, your making yourself look stupid. I'm surprised you didn't post any wack self promo in this thread. This is my opinion but yet it's the truth. ;)

  3. Let me rephrase.

    I have a buddie. He lives in northern cali. He has a facebook. On this facebook he has an album titled bench. usually when they say bench they benched them themselves. I seen these 3 flicks. I posted them. Now they are on the louisville thread. (how he got them is beyond me and clearly i dont give a fuck).



    Clearly your buddy didn't bench them. Word!