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  1. The only thing I see wrong is the upper shadow on the P, but other than that it looks good man!
  2. both are dope! Just the bar in the T seems a little bit too fat. But thats only my opinion, but still pretty dope!
  3. ^^ We can't see the pictures yo! :(
  4. can everyone not see my photos? Cuz on my computer i can see them... but I can only see my character so imma try this one again. This was my third time painting, and I'm pretty happy. It could use some fixings but i ran outta purple and blue. lol. btw baise I'm diggin that white filled simple! Keep at it man!
  5. Re: BOOK O' STICKERS Nothing special. Just some local slaps!
  6. Went back to the spot with buff, and did this. Also I did a hollow character in the tunnel lol. Crits?
  7. idk what's up with delts pic but yeah. Went on a adventure with him. The bask throwie only took 2 - 4 minutes.
  8. Went on another adventure with the homie deets. I think I'm showing improvement. Critz?
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