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  1. Canon F-1 Neopan 400 +2 (Shot and dev. @1600) Meh
  2. Canon 60D w/ Sigma 10-20mm f/ 4
  3. 1600ASA


    Not me btw just throwing some freshness in here
  4. FP-100C Ilford Delta 100 Pushed 1+
  5. Tmax 400 Portra 400 Velvia 50 Same on that analog wave.
  6. saw a recipe for wineol? LOL similar to caffenol C anyone ever try this? I've yet to even try out caffenol but will do so soon and post results.
  7. Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 800 (Canon AE-1) Kentmere 400 (Canon F-1)
  8. Kodak 400 T Max - Yashica Mat 124G I've been trying to do a female nude project for a while but it seems some ladies are reluctant to let you have evidence of letting you even see them naked, none the less more to come soon... Geraldine x RZ
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