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  1. vassenato. worst straight letter ive ever seen. honestly.

    mutant rancor. kill yourself. please..


    Ahhhh the kid from the Louisville thread? How can you come in here and be negative with a bunch of toys? Doesn't seem right in my book. Quit being harsh, there is a reason this thread is called TOYS POST HERE, because they are trying to develop, idiot!

  2. DSD isnt coming to my birthday party anymore.


    This is the kind of shit i'm talking about. Is it necessary to act like a mentally retarded 1st grader on here? Because none of this shit makes people laugh, it just makes you look really fucking stupid!

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  3. (for mr.im new here).....so what is it you write? do you even write? if so im guessing not here. ive said it before ill say it again keep Watching And Hateing toy. please tell me what you write so i can go have a feild day capping your spots off one by one.


    I'm not from detroit, but I know a lot of writers there. I'm not being a tough guy on the internet, i'm saying real shit. Shit that half of these people in this thread need to read. Is that how you solve beef, by fucking up peoples shit. Do you not know that dissing makes you look fucking retarded? Beef doesn't make you look cool kid. You got your ass beat by aires and sisto, and instead of going back to fight each of them one on one, you decide to diss their shit. I'm not even from this city and never talked to you a day in my life and I know why you diss aires and sisto. Your pathetic dude, seriously!

  4. my rep is just fine thank you very much. nobodys lookin dum except for the fools gettin smashed on by one dude. and yeah i do post my own shit here n there.


    those army and fire oldschool joints!


    I don't see how. You have been signed up for 12oz since 2007, that's four years and your still painting the way you do? And there's no telling how long you were painting before that. I hate to become apart of the 12oz shit talking game, but people like you just aren't cut out for graffiti. You have proved that in this thread more times than I can count!

  5. i love posting my own shit because im a self centerd mother fucker. so fall back fool


    Yeah, your a self centered mother fucker, cause you know that nobody will upload your shit, so you have to do it yourself :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: And dissing some dope aires and sisto, what is that doing for you? Nothing but ruining your reputation and making yourself look dumb!

  6. Why doesn't everyone in this city shut the fuck up and paint. Detroit has one of the best scenes around and you guys are acting like you run this city or some shit. It hurts my eyes to even come in here and read the stupid bullshit you guys write. This is not fucking kindergarten, grow the fuck up. Why is it so necessary to upload pictures of stupid shit and say is this blah blah blah? I wish I could line every single one of you mother fuckers up that talk this stupid shit in this thread, and blow your head off with an AR15. Do you guys not care about reputation? Obviously not! Stop spending your whole day on the computer and sketch a little bit, maybe your toy asses would get a little better, MAYBE! Jasp, quit reposting your shit, your off of your own crews nuts. DSD, just quit fucking talking so much shit god damn it, is it that hard. LISTEN TO WHAT EVERYBODY IS SAYING AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! This thread will be better without all this shit talking and childish games. I'm actually surprised this thread hasn't been closed 200 times already. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAINT!!! And don't PM me on no bullshit trying to act hard, I will not respond!

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  7. wish i knew what blank wrote i'd go over him.


    Hahahaha yeah I doubt that. I'm not one to talk much on here, but if you don't know what blank writes when you have been on here as long as you have, then your a fucking retard dude! And tramp stamp, just quit reposting your stuff. I'm not mad, nobody just wants to see some toy shit posted when there are so many good writers in this city.

  8. sounds like a typical cop screen name, if you are a cop then delete account and try again, if your a super stoner then delete account get stoned and try again.


    KUSH FAN CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. haha yall niggas is funny. shut the fuck up and post flix. if you got something to say PM me dumasses ya always talkin shit about how much garbage is in this thread then 10 minutes later yull turn around and write some garbage ass shit up in this bitch with no flicks..... yall controdicting your selfs. get a life fatasses, keep jackin off to my girl, and keep ridin my dick. faggots.


    -gans oner


    I visit detroit pretty often and I think I have seen a handful of gans tags... tags! Saying shit like keep jacking off to my girl and keep riding my dick just makes you look soooooooo cool on the internet. I wish I could be as cool as you. Say what your saying to someones face and see what happens. Pussy ass internet gangsters. Why don't you guys open a thread called the "detroit shit talking" thread and keep the shit out of here.

  10. This thread is fucking pathetic. Why are you guys on here just talking shit? Quit letting the fame of your city get to your head. Half of the people on here probably don't even write. This thread is so fucking childish, always posting pictures saying this is blah blah. Grow the fuck up. This is not a god damn comedy thread, this is a graff thread that should have doper shit posted in it than what is being reposted and reposted and reposted. You guys are putting a stereo type on every single writer from this city, making people think that they do nothing but talk shit and act like 5 year old children. It's pretty funny that most of the people who actually put in good quality work are the one who hardly ever come on here. It's the toys that's posting up most of the time. Grow up and get a life rather than sitting on the computer all damn day.

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