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  1. Feo rocking flip flops and a ski mask. G.
  2. Man, this is a joke. Gr8st... c'mon son. Look at your name. Look at your paint. Look at your corny multicolored throw w/ corny highlights and shitty background/dots. Ugh
  3. I bought ironlak for the first time and I also got a Sharpshooter cap for it, you know the supposedly super skinny cap? And it was coming out fatter than the stock Vegan cap. I seriously thought the guy gave my a fat cap. Whats up with that? I was hoping that it'd make lines about as wide as my pinky or so but Im very new to this whole 'special' paint with store bought caps and stuff, so i felt very naive. Do caps even come as small as i wanted? It just made me very confused and agitated.
  4. who goes on 12oz anymore?:D
  5. Fuck the buff and fuck faulty valve systems.
  6. Props to the tarp bombing on university...
  7. And so the nagging continues...
  8. Im really getting over you calling me a cop and shit. Nobodys trying to chase you man. Do you really think cops would waste their time on your couple of hollows you have running? ....smh.
  9. seeing those SEDO rooftops on colonial. woooo camera batteries were dead :/
  10. Went around flicking a bunch. If you dont like it, whatever.
  11. Im sorry my letter looks like someone elses letter, but that inevitable. No i didnt bite jesor, and plenty of writers use that round part, and i didnt just pull it from someones word. Its a part of the structure of my throw. Every letter, except for the O, in my throw has the rounded part.
  12. YSER DONE. Newjacking it up. ;)
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