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  1. I love how they blur out old mate's face like he's wanted, but still show his tatts
  2. "Enough cans o' paint to make the rail squad faint!"
  3. :lol: I never used to get chased out, until i turned schizophrenic and went blind.... The yards went hectik after that shit...
  4. You can make the shit at home, it's bomb as if you can get rid of the lumps in it
  5. Truth. Buy pants that actually fit, pull 'em up over your ass, ditch the backward fitted, and stop talking/walking around around like one of these plastic gangsters you see on TV... and then try and tell me you still get hassled
  6. Thin layer of wheat paste, and use a credit card to gently push the excess/air bubbles out. Or even better; get a can of spray adhesive, carefully and lightly coat the page (of your black book), wave like a fan to dry it for about 30 seconds and then squeegee that shit on like a decal
  7. Don't wanna rattle?? Don't paint........
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