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  1. You got some fresh pieces ELSER!... Keep Rockin!!
  2. thats dope... real spit right here.. didnt know Dose is not down with ICR no more. who ever posted this comment has a true soldier mentality.. straight up!..
  3. ICR is a dope fuckin team!.. Hands down!!!!..
  4. You guys murdered this fuckin wall!!.... Dope!:cool:
  5. Nice bomb Pubek!.... really feelin this one!....
  6. This production came out real siiiiiick!!!....
  7. JERO is one of the dopest piecers there is. Dude is still pushin and thats what makes him and his crew dope!....:cool:
  8. JERO and the whole ICR posse are mad dope!!:cool:
  9. ICR gots a good selection of team writers!.... thats whats up!!..
  10. Pubeks piece and color scheme is fuckin ill!!
  11. ya niggas got mad freights for days!!.... Keep Rockin!
  12. Pubek and Buger straight killin shit!...:cool: ! mad respect!
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