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  1. its been a min on here peep that video
  2. collabo im doing with my homie INFA BT...... i did my half he's up next. KILL THE BAT!!
  3. S exchange with skore79 GWB NOVER Canves bruce lee
  4. i forgot who ask me to buy a print but i have 5 left ((($25))) TMNT VILLAINS ONLY 30 Made - 11x14 High Quality prints, signed and numbered! (With sticker pack) $25 Free shipping in the U.S only! Novernyc@gmail.com (Paypal)
  5. pertplus1 thanx fam seen the last post u did ... nice page
  6. CANVASES ...my blackbook been out for a min'
  7. haha dope mone i just did a highway spot with a fill and had a top-hat on my piece ...
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