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  1. Bump Ten, Zuke, Radio... Meter your throwie game needs serious work bahahaha QL Quality liven'
  2. Bump self, zuke, ten, and kry.Savin the thread from meter
  3. Bump xile and ten, and soa killas
  4. take a bus round town bra...shit
  5. whatevers man Im done talkin to you ur a waste of time..
  6. Studip ass Meter 4eyes is my name thats why im trippin that your speelin ib as eyeb, If I see it, it'll will be slashed.. ight Just Beibier meter.
  7. Itty Bitty Kunts dont know that ...
  8. Keep throwing up IB's spelt out with Eye, shits gonna get slashed bitch.. keepin it real. Bump soa ofa cfs ogk
  9. BUMP DAT keroe hollow and blue furly
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