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  1. 12 oz is the epitome of hipster LOL...see u in real life HATERZ! YALL ARE WELCOME!
  2. heres the plan GAYDAR: you grow some fucking balls and some see me and quit talking shit on this fuckin forum u pussy! u are garbage. u are fuckin little punkass who already got hjis ass kicked once! i will gladly oblige in a second ass kicking! anytime. u talk so much shit i can't wait to break ur fuckin jaw they'll wire ur fucking mouth shut u little faggot and they'll have to stitch ur ass shut after i fuck u in it! u arent even that good... bottom line GAYDAR...u already know my name and who i am. ask doqe where to find me...i can't wait for ur balls to drop kid... hahahahah fuckn gaydar and anyone rollin with u when i see u is gonna find out why i am indeed their enemy
  3. who gives a fuck about BEERS in the midwest. u know how many people have the same name?? style is what matters and gettin up. theres like 3 or 4 different people busy writing case. --->RIP case 2 !!<---and none of them could hold a candle to the one armed man! how many people are named mohammed in the world? or mike??? don't worry about what other people write especially if it looks dope. everyone knows who is who...and if u don't know,act like u know!
  4. "forgive your enemies but never forget their names"
  6. power: the ability to achieve one's goals even when there is resistance from others... im glad yall appreciHATE what we do!
  8. get your facts straight snap aint down wit tbs amyk and doqe should watch who they paint over
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