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  1. hey silly faggot.. if you could read, i didnt say the same thing twice. can i say " butt hurt bitch"? new york mother fucking city
  2. you sound like the type of dude to say things twice. the fuck outta here say things twice. for real though, i think we should all get off the internet and die slow, including myself. fuck outta here and die slow, self.
  3. i mean this with the utmost respect, but this post is kind of all over the place. I feel like a lot of people are stepping up and not worrying about posting pics, and thats why the thread is slow. And as far as outsiders looking at this thread, i don't think thats a problem. unless you're asking everybody whos not a member of the crews you listed to just bench and post, i'm not sure what you're getting at.
  4. sorry to hear you are, um, wrestling, with this issue.
  5. my main mang, lil' ruinr. mostly stole, and possible repeats.
  6. can i get a next page please? no offense if you're gay, but im tired of looking at that shit everytime i get on here.
  7. that moms roller. everytime i see it i think about that southpark episode where kyles mom is originally from jersy and used to go by the name ' s-wow tittybang.'
  8. man, my personal favorite is like, get you a hot dog bun, right? then put the marker in that bun, feel me? then put some relish and shit on it, act like you got a damn hot dog. people in the street think you just smearing a hot dog on the wall, but you be catching fresh hands, feel me??
  9. ^ daaamn. tride looking good mang.
  10. so let me get this strait. you, mad that someone is blowing up your spot via instagram, posted a link to this dudes page on a graffiti related forum? so now we all can go see spot? did you really think this one though?
  11. rawblow


    caught in North Carolina
  12. way to drop dime instead of p.m'ing someone. now will someone please post my shit so i can jack off like i came to do in the first place?
  13. mybad, falser, usual suspects, pallmallz going for hater of the year
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