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  1. @street i wasnt braggin homeslice said shit was foogazi
  2. so stop stressin ya self slime, you going way to far, writing passages,
  3. its just a post famron. I heard you were at a graff show an hour early to paint on a wall, with your paid for paint homie,
  4. ighttt my dude, have ya friends back you up with videos lmao, you broke nugga, you aint takin shit, you dont roll with no one, you got a benz that was passed down to you, you do massive amount of drugs, so stop it five, before the wolves come out
  5. just cause you cant afford it famron dont mean you gotta speak for ya self, like you know a niggah, whips, houses all that, no need to hate, posted it for fun
  6. swiss made official serial code, if you know your watches you shouldnt talk
  7. my bad you cant afford it famron atleast i can pay for jewlery and rack paint
  8. ight famron.whatchu want more pictures? cause you should know with your beat up benz
  9. Its gucci famron, aint canal street homeslice, do ya homework before you try and roast, BTW its carrots because he refers it to Rabbits and their Carrot shit, Theres diamonds in the bezel and around it, and two rows on the side
  10. watch got more carrots in it then rabbit shittt
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