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  1. This is not a satisfactory response. It is the equivalent of saying 'he did it first so I can too'. It is just further evidence of your childish, surface level, partisan buffoonery. If you want to have a serious discussion then you need to raise the bar. Stop insulting people and demonstrate that you will engage with the response of the other contributors. How long you have been on this website is irrelevant. Based on reading your previous posts my suspicion is that you are a troll and have no interest in a real discussion, but that could be giving you too much credit. Equally you could just be a complete moron. You reply within minutes every-time someone posts in here but never manage to offer anything more than taunts or insults or both. If you are well read, demonstrate it.
  2. CILONE/SK, it is easy to google 'problems with Ron Paul', or something similar, and cut and paste the results, but you appear not to be able to critically evaluate the substance of the text you are posting. While some of these concerns are legitimate, and an outcome of using various economic methodology, what appears to be unapparent to you is that there is no consistency between critiques. For instance, some articles are arguing from a Keynesian perspective, others are arguing from a neo-classical etc. In fact some of the articles appear to be internally inconsistent themselves! If it were the case that you had understood these articles developed some considered opinions on the issues raised, you would not dredge up any old article that has an anti-Ron Paul bent, instead there would be a clear line of critique established through the selection of text you presented. The fact that this clear line of critique is not present even when simply cutting and pasting articles that you agree with, which is much easier than writing a critique yourself, indicates to me that you do not have a grasp on these issues and instead have either an irrational, or simply an uninformed, dislike of Ron Paul.
  3. This is probably the most naive comment I have read in quite a while.
  4. So you think calling everyone "knobslobbers" has nothing to do with it?
  5. I could write extensively on all of these issues, however I choose not to because I don't feel it is worth my time to engage with you. Hence, I wrote some bullet points alluding to the answer I would give. Your language and the calibre of your previous posts rules out any serious, thoughtful, engagement. I'm sure most of the others in this thread would agree.
  6. All of your questions have been discussed previously. Look back through the thread before making such crass dismissals. I'm sure you genuinely mean to promote discussion but you only work to alienate yourself with your low brow responses and your 'black and white' refusal to engage with anything other than these poorly conceived questions. See previous discussion relating to blowback. Pick up any micro-economic textbook and you will see that government intervention increases the cost of any service rather than lowers it. Property rights.
  7. Yes you need a membership to access Oxford Reference Online. If you don't want to pay then go to a library or look up the definition from another source. I really have better things to do than argue with someone so obviously moronic. Peace out.
  8. Just because I am sick of seeing this inane point being slugged back and forth. Norman A. Graebner "Isolationism" The Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World, 2e. Joel Krieger, ed. Oxford University Press Inc. 2001. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. 19 August 2011 <http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t121.e0380> CILONE, you are wrong. Learn to read before mouthing off.
  9. Graffiti that looks like graffiti. NSF's are solid!
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