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  1. Bump the city gettin crushed... Unbump dry snitching and blowing shit up... That was not cool
  2. dear stl... i see alot of bitching about wall space and what not and i see alot more of the same fucking spots being painted over and over again...with that being said which one of u brave souls wanna step and help start a new trend??? the desolate depths of north and west city are like a graff goldmine... jus saying
  3. Just when i thought we were all somewhat getting along.
  4. no need to get violent i was jus tryin to break the ice :lol:
  5. Did anybody else jus get smacked wit a golf ball from the sky???
  6. agreed... everybody starts out toy tho and not jus skill wise... def things that gotta be learned... maybe if ppl tried comin together on more peaceful terms more knowledge could be dropped to the younger stl graff scene...just saying
  7. my extensive research showed the same results... thanks for clearing that up professor stlgraf
  8. Can ANYBODY tell me what the "arena" is?
  9. Nice fuckin weather out... hope all is enjoying...peace and piece hard
  10. rakn comin wit the phreshness
  11. sad but true... so how about it huSTLe city... lets get some style out here and rep the city proper
  12. Bump all that style and ppl who actually get up.
  13. WHOA homie u aint neva seen me do no shit like that i ALWAYS say who I am so im guessin ur just makin assumptions... not that i have much beef in the first place
  14. what kind of nigga scribbles on a piece but too chicken shit to say who they are??? damn i wish i could see some of u faggots in person.
  15. yo ILSON if u on here pm me homie
  16. Monday night the streets are empty I hope niggas getting up
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