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Purple Drank Chrome Paint

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  1. nier so sick! lookin good lil homie is that my nigga tomb next to nier? and that erben character is tight but if he can burn most of us in tha D then lets see tha burners then, and his throw is tight to dont get me wrong.
  2. there ya go kaset showin some love, now return tha favor to somebody
  3. real drank heads fro screwston know wat im talk'n bout
  4. wach ya know bout poppin in a fresh out tha wraper screw tape and passin out at tha light on telephone road where it all began and when u wake up its on tha last song
  5. now were gettin some where more dank flix and ya cant sip drank outta that! dubble up on tha styrofoam mane!
  6. o ya and fuck wheat past! grab a fucking can and do some real fucking graffiti fucking hipster
  7. kaset diggin tha hands but dont post where they at thats how shit gets buffed quick and its a toy move, and mix other shit in there and show u got some respect for tha streets.
  8. come on dallas get in these streets, if ur to scared to do graffiti yourself then take some flix cuz only a few r keeping it alive
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