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  1. Ill be honest, I give props to ceno for traveling around town and catching spots. He did an extinguisher throwy and i hardly see people do that. Thats whats up. On the other hand, its unnecessary to come to a a cities thread and say some kind of remark and try to start something lol. Im a little drunk so Im just chatting away...bump graffiti. Behave and catch spots everyone happy holidays WOOOO!!!!12oz is gay


    I aint said n e remarks to start shit all i said was that niggas mad, and just cuz i started graff in another city when i lived there dont make me a outta towner. Im from Screwston 610 and telephone rd. South Side homie get ur story straight b4 u start opening ur mouth. I hold it down for Texas n e where i go. Regardless of what n e of u niggas say im still screwed up and aint nothin changin that!



    H-Town my home the world i rome...

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