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Purple Drank Chrome Paint

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  1. I aint said n e remarks to start shit all i said was that niggas mad, and just cuz i started graff in another city when i lived there dont make me a outta towner. Im from Screwston 610 and telephone rd. South Side homie get ur story straight b4 u start opening ur mouth. I hold it down for Texas n e where i go. Regardless of what n e of u niggas say im still screwed up and aint nothin changin that! H-Town my home the world i rome...
  2. Tha Bitch on tha left can get it! aha yo MR.MR. hook it up homie ahaha
  3. get up on ya game Dallas get in them streets and put on for ya city
  4. shout out to Ayem Melo and that nigga Jue
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