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  1. anyone got a flick of the devise that used to be off foster way back in the day?
  2. someone message me lets go fuck sum shit upppp
  3. Yeah klober is kewl what's his real name though ha ha.
  4. hmmm. so style counts for nothing then...? you must not be very good or have a very good sense of what graffiti should look like. that pm is soooooo clean..
  5. Why the fuck do people put up pictures of that ugly shit? Jesus christ take pictures of something with style for once. Not all these toys who walk around and write their name as much as possible and think that makes them a writer.
  6. haha @ faggots arguing about "stolen pics" fucking queers. painters wouldnt care about a stolen pic.
  7. lmfao. big pimpin in tha house. dis fool dont play, he saw some titties!!!!
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