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  1. That first satire is FIRE I wanna see that new quiz shit finished as well
  2. Haha appreciate that man. That 49 is ON POINT
  3. What up homies!? havn't been here in a while, glad to see everyone is still on it. Mone, Meks (you get alot of love on the facebook page: 33rd.com) Alts, Satire, Perts, Show (i sent you a pm about that exchange a while back) Eido. Heres some recent stuff i did at work while it was dead [/img] [/img] [/img] Crits?
  4. Ayo mone long time now see haha i like your handies now man shits got a lot better. specially your n's they got really nice flow. wanna exchange handies?
  6. IM LAUGHING SO HARD.....THIS guy speaks truufff
  7. bump for variety XD XD XD XD XD XD
  8. umire ill exchange. what am i writing?
  9. first actual sketch in a while. getting back into it.
  10. Don't know why the picture is yellow. Dont know if i like it
  11. Lookin better. Just do mad outines before you color a whole page. In the time it took to color you could have done 2 more outlines just start stackin outlines simples bubbles and everything try every style. Certain names look better in certain styles IMO I get alot of heat for not coloring my shit but i thjnk if you can make a black and white ill your golden. Try and go a little more curv in some parts. Give it some flow. I just pm'd you dcor
  12. Im convinced trap jick and fib are giants
  13. This thread isnt live cus 12oz starts slackin when the heat starts to rise
  14. LRFH yo as soon as i saw that busted ass trè flip i new it was gonna be garbage. Smh at FIRST rippin incarcerated scarfaces beat pretty much and second for not goin "ham" on it
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