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  2. Hello ppl, I just wanted to create this thread because Its very important and relates to all of us. And i feel that we should b informed and inform ourselves. So please take time and research this further on your own. Its for your own benefit, and your family. WATCH THIS CLIP PLZ. ITS INFORMING YOU ABOUT WHATS ALREADY HERE. MARTIAL LAW!
  3. architecture is the shit!
  4. antyOne

    The Really Smart Phone

    really man this is way to intrusive.
  5. the united rapes of america is the most fkn corrupt country, they just know how to hide it. a bunch of freakin criminals in suits.
  6. antyOne


    hey everyone im new to this site, and im amazed as i read through that ppl here seem aware of the social/economical problems that were are facing in society today. Its good that we are aware, NOW I SAY LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! FIGHT FOR OUR LIFE, LIBERTIES, AND FREEDOM! FIGHT NEW WORLD ORDER. INFORM YOURSELVES. LOOK UP THE ROCAFELLERS, BUILDINBERGS, THE E.U, ETC.
  7. Hey thats coo that they did that, they did it to send a message i would say. as should we, all over the city! FIGHT MARSHALL LAW/POLICE STATE! FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES! REVOLUTION!
  8. antyOne

    graff songs

    feel like writting now. lol
  9. antyOne

    graff songs

    qwell n the typical cats r hard. fresh as muzik to bust to.
  10. antyOne

    graff songs

    Graff n real hip hop. gets no better!
  11. antyOne

    What pen?

    Looks like a Mag or Ironlak or an OTR. OTR's are fucken fresh to write with!
  12. its actually pretty cool, try it.
  13. I love the smell of paint!
  14. Ironlaks did go up in price, but they are hella fresh to write with. I just got a fresh one, like grayish blue. Writes fresh.
  15. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- What up everybody, im antyOner from Los Angeles. New to the writers forum.
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