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  1. tree looks dope...post gps coordinates im coming to chill
  2. nope. tpbm is wondering how that stain got there
  3. fuck that's tight! *must spread rep
  4. BRONZE - SOLO JAZZ (very rare)
  5. no comply front tail is such a good looking trick. who is that? someone polar affiliated?
  6. I'm all sorts of alright with that old broad, regardless of what happens when that bra comes off
  7. nope tpbm is employing their usual strategy of “ignore it, hope it goes away”
  8. don't think so tpbm is posting on a laptop from their bathtub with empty beer cans floating all around them
  9. a scooter manual or nose manual would be sort of dope though
  10. do razor scooter kids call a scoot slide a board/lip slide? that'd be kind of a bummer
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