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  1. That Nietz burns everything on the page except for orkid. Bump Down By Law
  2. Amyk Snyf Fusn Tard Ernr Soduh over Mecro
  3. Looks like that Teeh was finna be hot. Bump bserk, kyse, grail, harsh as always, handstyles, and that bingoe straight killin. Shouts to everyone out wreckin shit consistently. There aint many in this city and those few aint gotta be named. We all know whos doin work whether its posted or not. Stop reading this and go paint.
  4. Bump nobel hands and that script piece, dsk and ruste juxx
  5. It looks like a bunch of yellow scythers in an orgy.
  6. Bump Sike, Sento That Nymph is fiyaaaa
  7. if that skinny shout out is for who I think it is, good lookin out. I miss that lil nigga.
  8. That erase with the north shoutout is pretty as fuck. Bump amyk topek peace and sonar most relentless writers doin it right now. Ender and nietz burnin shit. and bump ciggy for the flix!
  9. Shitty quality, taken from a cell phone and cropped so as not to give away location but this dude is doin some work.
  10. zeak and snake been crushin shit..
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