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Everything posted by CityBird88

  1. yea detroit! i knew i saw that money at some point in my life. bump
  2. payday! damn thats sick. fool gets around
  3. was just the order of the flixs on the computer and finally got my computer up. its a fucken graff form, just posting graffiti fool.
  4. out of all the times i seen these photos i never caught da katch mouse in pen. props
  5. is this the same fool from australia? theres someone in australia thats like excatly the same. cant figure out how to get pics from flickr to 12oz? can someone help me, i havent done it in so long. but i got hella pics to post
  6. fuck im having trouble with flickr. how do u get url to upload the photo, i compleatly forgot i havent uploaded in a long fuckn time
  7. swerv been up so hard recently he deservs a metal. couldnt go around the city with out seeing a min. of 5 swerv bombs. bump swerv, keep it up
  8. asalt out yet? its fuckn been too long, someone needs to brighten up the streets. need more bombing, get out da guttas, hit a roof!!
  9. ur right, no need a stick ill use my hands. mo betta, mo personal, make me mo happy.
  10. wait till my stick beats your face in fool. :D jus wait son. ill give u a lil heads up, stay home for a while
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