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  1. Đ0UCH3BVG


    hars sifer eager croe asert seer girl fatface mote hedake tip mines hoer beer
  2. you got 51 posts and no one in ya squad got a mixtape droppin?? badlook FamalamaDingDong
  3. stupid blacks n there book learnin. Bachman/Foxworthy 2012 for prezzz niggggaaa
  4. you should privatize your face, have you ever thought about vouchers for yo mama?
  5. ive found THE child left behind oh shit call the whitehouse
  6. do they have SAT's where you are from?
  7. your caps lock is to fonts, as a black mans penis, is to your penis
  8. your caps lock doesnt hide the fact your penis is smaller than the average black mans
  9. ill bet you have sex a lot... probably have a ton of friends, and your graffiti, is probably equally \exemplary
  10. playaa playaaa playyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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