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scrapy coco

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  1. house arrest ha ha ha so now ur on house arrest
  2. Im orby fused wit beem fused wit saon
  3. How can u be on the streets when ur on 12 is all day
  4. Answer my messages bromosexual
  5. you never showed grim ur all talk ese
  6. nobody wins this Round
  7. domo orry gato mr.roboto
  8. grim u didnt show bro dog did resma not know where the mall was
  9. better meet me at the mall in sears at 9:02 come alone and no cops please and wear a sombrero so i knw its u
  10. grimreap lies he doesnt show up when u set up a meet what a loser
  11. stop lying u werent even there cus i even gave you my description your all lies tough guy mr sem street lol im not lcm but okay
  12. cker is an idiot they can see ur face bro dog
  13. why so grimpreap can talk shit cus he mad at everyone im older than u KID grimreap where u @
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