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  1. remember when kwt battled csu back in the days..seems like a different crew now..
  2. niggahs dont got handstyles no more either...shit looks like girl print mixed with retard..
  3. funny how it took a niggah from ny for someone to say amen..mad niggahs doing wack shit to impress us..i mean dam your getting paid to paint do some dope shit..graff culture has made a change for the worst..graff for kids..graff for justin bieber..wack shit....its a fashion now...but still niggahs jock that shit like its the dopest shit..fuck meeting niggahs..fuck the exchange.
  4. Bump the fuck out those war pics..bang bang bang bang boom..when Chicago graffiti was developed.instead of now were it's DEVELOPING.shit was dope back then.fuck hipsters and out of towners.fuck a trendy brand as well.....bump war crew......the new niggas suck tho
  5. :lol: cope going over ether and utah:lol: im sorta loving it
  6. should be a "feels good bro" there:lol:
  7. where are the grimey meals? eating to get full type shit...lot of booshi shit on here,looks good but hard to believe
  8. a fast forward of the nothing these lil girls will become
  9. dam shame..the ll and wu tang niggas are hip hop..then lil john with the pimp cup...eh...and gay as fuck lil wayne wack ass niggah
  10. bet it is.......i smell bacon^^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. err chicagoan can read that in one glace........ZERO tns.........not zoro t
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