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  1. I'm not gonna say who I am on here. But does yer crew kno who u bumping. I'll see u tho.
  2. Look on 632 ofa thread, page 26 post# 636. Lol... U fake ass bitch... Claims to be wit tdm but bumping ofa WITH a K at the end.... Groupie exposed.
  3. And u R tha MOBB? Lol. Why were u on tha ofa page? Sayin bump ofa? U fuckin groupie... Everyone check up on this dude. U will see what I'm talking about.... He's a fuckin pig or just a straight sucks.
  4. UraniuM=Police... So be careful.
  5. Where are all tha old school writers? Tha writers wit real style? I realize good writers are a dying breed... It seems all we have these days are toys calling each other toy...
  6. By the way smart guy, there is only 1 I in jabroni.
  7. Lmfao. What a lame. But I ain't gonna stoop to this lames level...
  8. ^^^^^ here goes this dude... Get'n active with his fingers talkin shit when no one was say'n a thing. It's ppl like him that's gonna get this thread closed, not them TDM guys...
  9. Officer Davis put handcuffs on tha 15 year old cuz he was mad. He was mad cuz tha tha 15 year old snatched his partners birch aka Daviss step daughter. Lol....
  10. Lets try and keep this thread open. It's tha only way I get to see SJ graff.
  11. Lol.. chill out Pase. U go'n in on dude. Jus catch them slip'n.
  12. U guys? I ain't TDM. I knew some of them years ago. Like 15 years ago. I've read this whole thread and the TDM thread, it seems to me that everyone else on here be starting the shit talking. I said I was from TDM jus to see what ppl would say and get some insight on what's going on. I even gave my number to one of these guys that asked for it just to see if he would callThe few TDM members I knew don't even wright no more. They grown wit family and kids probably. So its what ever. I'm jus saying if anyone is gonna get this thread shut down its going to be everyone but the TDM members on here.
  13. Well it seems to me that TDM ain't talkin shit till others speak bad on them. Shit was quite till some fuck face/rickybobbie came outta pocket AGAIN....
  14. Hahaha. U ran cuz they were deeper.... That's pussy shit. Where your heart at. Fuck'n lops.
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